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Hakata Ramen

Hakata Ramen is a Japanese cultural icon, broadly categorized by its three main ingredients

such as thin egg noodles, salty broth and mixture of vegetables and meat toppings.


At Ryo's Noodles, we serve authentic Tonkotsu ramen, which is widely regarded as a favorite ramen variety in Japan ever since it was first found in Hakata region.

The essence of Ryo's ramen is comprised of characteristic thin and springy ramen noodles made fresh in-house, and complemented with mouthwatering milky-white and gelatinous Tonkotsu broth, produced from simmering pork bones over 12 hours.

The flavours of Ryo's ramen will infuse your palate and bring you the unique taste of real Tonkotsu ramen.

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80 Gouger Street Adelaide SA 5000

P: 08 8410 0752


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